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Hi everybody and welcome to That's English 2014-15!

The blog has reopened for B1 That's English students in EOI Jaén. As we did last year, we'll be uploading every week's listening tasks and talking points to the blog so you can have a look at them before class. Besides, the site is intended to help you with your English tasks by providing extra materials, tips or links to online open resources that may come in handy to improve spoken or written skills, to review grammar points or to strengthen vocabulary.
You might also find it useful to check That's English official website where you'll be able to access the online learning platform by clicking on the small key symbol on the top right corner, as shown in the picture below

The platform includes plenty of resources and tools to help you in your learning process. You'll need a password to enter the site so, if you haven't got it yet please contact Secretaría EOI Jaén - 953276052.

And Iwould also like to remind you that the registration term deadline has been extended by one month, that's to say, until the end of November:

That’s English
AMPLIADO PLAZO DE MATRÍCULA para el curso 2014/2015.
Plazas disponibles en todos los niveles:
-Básico 1 (A1)
-Básico 2 (A2)
   -Intermedio (B1)
Para más información puedes ponerte en contacto con nosotros:
Secretaría de la EOI deJaén  
(Avd. Santa Maria Del Valle, Instituto Jabalcuz )
17:00 h a 20:30 h
Tlf: 953- 27 60 52/ eoi.jaen@thatsenglish.com

Feel free to write comments to provide feedback or share your views and opinions.If you want to get in touch with me, just drop a line to pacothatsenglish@gmail.com

So, let's get to work. Good Luck!

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